ATwo of my grandsons make survival bracelets. Like their entreprenaur mother, they manage to sell them. Made of paracord, the reason to have one of these bracelets if you hike and explore, is that the powerful paracord may be able to rescue one from peril!

Today, right now, there are Christians who are under fire because they have stood for their faith in Jesus Christ. We cry in dismay for them and for our own religious freedom in our own beloved United States of America. Any time satanic forces can snatch away a Christian Believer’s freedom, it will happen. Even if the freedom is lost temporarily, and courts prevail, it still delights the forces of the enemies of God.

Today the forces of radical terrorist followers of Islam are shooting rockets of demolition into the country of Israel. Those terrorists have one desire: to annihilate Jews. Yet, from the days of the initial promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, the Hebrew nation has survived. It has not been easy and there were years of captivity because a great percentage of Jews turned from God to idols. When reading through the Prophets, we see repeatedly that God always left Himself a remnant. From that remnant who continued faithfulness to Mosaic Law, God built a nation.

These two truths filled my heart and mind this morning when I read Acts 28:22. The great Apostle Paul had freshly heard the pronouncement of his own imprisonment in Rome. Part of the message is a phrase in verse 22: “. . . for as concerning this sect [Christians] we know that everywhere it is spoken against.” Everywhere. How did Christianity survive? It is the power of the Word of God. God keeps His promises. The Ottoman Empire wiped out thousands of Christians, yet, Christianity survived.

This week a woman persecuted and sentenced to death in Sudan was released. Meriam Ibrahim, who stood through horrid torture, would not renounce her Christian faith. God won a victory. For that we should shout in unity “Hallelujah!” Praise the Lord for the power of the Word of God, handed to everyone, everywhere, from the hands of faithful Jews. What a Book! On the flyleaf of my personal Bible is this quote from Dr. Charles Stanley: “Open your Bible prayerfully; read it carefully; obey is joyfully.”


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  1. If I did not know God and trust His promises, I would be terrified. How good it is to be able to rest in Him!

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