Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Forty-Six Years

Upon writing the date on yesterday’s journal entry, a memory appeared. It was 46 years ago to the day that I accepted a marriage proposal. For several months, even into a year or more we celebrated on the 27th of each month. That was memorable. An even more memorable event is that it is now …


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Love in Work Boots and Our Police Officers

I just can’t get past the rioting and looting going on in Ferguson, Missouri. I also refuse to be judge and jury as the mainstream news carriers are doing in their reporting. Such civil unrest, in my opinion, is uncalled for. Every life is important to God. Every life. The color of the skin does …

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What in the World is Going On?

My street is usually just a normal flow of traffic. It is a city street in a small city. Early in the morning and in early evening it is common to see people walking, running, jogging, dog-walking, and biking. For a short stretch, there are no sidewalks and everyone uses the street safely. Running parallel …

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Remember the Sabbath

This is the fourth commandment The first four commandments deal with our relationship to God while the remaining commandments deal with interpersonal relationships on earth. This commandment is in two parts: remember the Sabbath; keep it holy. Both parts of the commandment are imperatives. They have an understood subject: you. In a grammarian’s book, it …

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Wet Pants

I read this story a few years ago and passed it on in an e mail. Since this is the first week of school in our school district, I searched for an inspiring story to pass along to my teacher friends from years past and my current teacher acquaintances. This seemed a good fit. Wet …

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The Obituary

Not wanting to be bothered with such writing, the Northeast Argus editor assigned me the job of writing obituaries and weddings. It did give me a break from proofreading and taking counter classified advertising. Since I find people so interesting, I really didn’t mind the assignment. As a person reads through I Kings, II Kings, …

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