Forty-Six Years

Upon writing the date on yesterday’s journal entry, a memory appeared. It was 46 years ago to the day that I accepted a marriage proposal. For several months, even into a year or more we celebrated on the 27th of each month.

That was memorable. An even more memorable event is that it is now 46 years past my initial diagnosis with ovarian cancer. Ordinarily I do not dwell on the cancer word or its blotch on my life. The two events just coincide. A routine appendectomy turned into a routine exploratory that turned into the sober revelation of ovarian cancer. Those were ten days that changed my life.

In God’s mercy, the cancer was smaller than my little finger nail in size, yet the cancer research doctor recommended that the ovary be removed, but spared me one ovary. I married months later, bore three children, and kept up my routine check ups. Then, there it was again. This time it was growing rapidly. Again, in God’s grace and mercy, it did not attach to anything except the one remaining ovary.

The year was 1979, a time when cancer-stricken individuals were not automatically cast into chemotherapy. I escaped losing my hair and the side effects of chemo. Remarkably I have also escaped any further incidence of cancer.

Do I think of it? Occasionally. Do I dwell on it? No. Psalm 90, in many ways is a reflection of how God leads. Moses requests of the Lord in this beautiful Psalm in verse 12: “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Every day is a day measured out to me. I need to use it wisely. In verse 14, Moses longingly says, “O satisfy us early with Thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” There is no need to be depressed and every reason to rejoice! Finally, verse 16 is a precious promise to me: “Let Thy works appear unto thy servants, and Thy glory unto their children.” God allowed me to parent three children of whom I am happy to say are balanced Christians, and in addition, ten lively, wonderful, inspiring grandchildren.

All that and much more in these past 46 years.



  1. Glenda

    You have been blessed, and you have been faithful to use your abilities and your time for God’s glory! I’m thankful that He allowed you to cross my path! 🙂

  2. Boy, did this piece ever stir up the memories! I remember you going through that second surgery; remember visiting you in the hospital after the birth of your first baby. So very long ago, and here we are, still sharing the same stages of our lives. God is good.

    • Linda, I am happy for our friendship. It has been up hills, around curves, and crossed rivers, but we are still intact. God’s mercies are new every day.

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