I rained last night. Let me rephrase that. Last night it thundered powerfully, lightning lit up the sky, and wind blew furiously. Get the picture? Now add this: my car windows were open.

Car seats are comfy because they are padded with absorbent foam and mine also have fabric covers. Even the visors were wet this morning. In order to avoid a wet-looking posterior, I lined the driver’s seat with two thick bath towels and the passenger seat with another. The driver’s seat back rest is also draped in another thick towel. I now regret being nice to my car yesterday in the near ninety degree temperature by letting the windows down.

Since I like to learn from my mistakes, (the least one can do) while I was patting dry the seat and lining it with absorbent, thick towels, my mind turned to the word, absorbent. Just prior to tackling the job of a wet car, I had read Psalms 30-35. So, I was working and thinking about what I had just read. We all need to be like those nice thick, absorbent towels and soak in the Word of God. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I know about me. The Word of God is my lifeline. Unless I absorb, yea, consume the Word of God, it will not be a ready source for application when I need it.

Now, I also noticed that even the inside of my windshield had beads of water on it. It is NOT absorbent. Of the two, I’d rather be like the car seat, though soaked. That is much better than being hard, cold, and rejecting.

I learned. I applied. I have shared. The rest is up to you.


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