“Let’s Roll” — Todd Beamer

This story has the same impact on me today as it did when I first read it and later wrote this review. Today or tomorrow is a good time to refresh our minds, yea, our souls, of the price these few brave men paid to put this plane down before it destroyed even more lives than theirs. It is a “repeat” but I feel, a necessary repeat.

The Shepherd's Presence

I wrote this shortly after I read the book, and have been holding it in my document file and really didn’t know why.  Maybe for this weblog.

Let’s Roll:  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage

by Lisa Beamer with Ken Abrahams

Tyndale Publishers, 2002, 2006 (with epilogue)

          Lisa Beamer portrays herself and her husband as ordinary people.  I beg to disagree.  Both Todd and Lisa grew up in strong Christian families that taught their children virtue, character, and a dependence on God. Both Todd and Lisa attended Wheaton College and graduated with liberal arts degrees.  That gave them something to draw on when they needed courage and strength.

While Todd Beamer is certainly the lead character in this biography, Lisa is an integral part. They shared a marriage made of such a close relationship that I am tempted to call them “soul mates” which does not happen often.  It was a…

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