Murmurring in the Wilderness

A phrase from Psalm 106 struck me recently. Verse 25 is a continuance of the Hebrew families after they crossed the Red Sea on their way back to the homeland they had never seen. Moses was born in Egypt and had not seen the homeland either, but he had a vision of what it would be like to be free and independent in the land that God had faithfully promised to the forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Once these followers from his own bloodline, the Jewish nation, hit the other side of the Red Sea they complained, moaned, groaned, and were not “happy campers” at all. The phrase that caught my eyes is this: “. . . but murmured in their tents. . .” It sounds to me as if they had “roast Moses” around their dinner table. So, the malady that afflicts families on Sunday afternoons started way back there in the Sinai Peninsula. Well, who would have thought it was that old of a problem?

Thinking and speaking positively of the Sunday sermon and music could have a good influence. Speaking negatively will have an adverse reaction. Satan likes to hear us complain and it spreads like a virus at his deft hand. My dad had the philosophy that if one cannot speak well of a person then it is best to not speak at all. George Washington’s code of conduct has a rule also along that very line: “Speak not of the absent.”

So what happened to those who murmured in their tents? They died in the wilderness and never entered into the Promised Land. If we cannot be thankful for what we have and trust God for daily benefits, then we will also perish without seeing the best that God intended for us. The Apostle Paul admonished the Thessalonians: “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.”

This is just a little nugget of truth. The Bible has so much to say about a thankful attitude. Go find it if you are in need.



  1. “Speak not of the absent.” Hoo boy. Wise words.

    • Abiding by the rule in Washngton’s code of conduct would keep away many a hurt feeling, wouldn’t it? Thanks for commenting.

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