“Between Heaven and Ground Zero:

“Between Heaven and Ground Zero”
Author: Leslie Haskin
Bethany House Publishers, 2008

Haskin’s book has a long subtitle: One Woman’s Struggle for Survival and Faith in the Ashes of 9/11. It was published early in 2008 by Bethany House Publishers, and is 204 pages long.

Haskins owns a winsome and grammatically correct writing ability. She worked as an insurance executive on the 36th floor of Tower One and was at her desk when the hijacked plane hit the tower at 8:46 that Tuesday morning 2001, September 11. The book took some time in deliberation because seven years passed between the initial event and the decision to go ahead and publish her bare heart presentation.

The book is divided into two sections; the first section is a vivid recall of her escape from the 36th floor. She writes with graphic detail first describing the original building in all of its glory. Then, Haskins proceeds to the horrific terrorist attack and her route to safety. Section two of the book reveals a heart that battled with the aftermath of such an ordeal. She holds nothing back. Her faith, once weak, became a stronghold of God’s mercy and grace. The path that led her to fullness of life in Christ is a journey the reader feels along with her.

Today Haskins is involved in a ministry of giving others hope in their own struggling lives whether in poverty, battered, or in the depths of sinking depression.

So, why did I pick up a copy in the first place? I do not want to forget the day. When I found a book that embraced faith in the aftermath of such survival circumstances, I knew the book would be a worthwhile read. Haskins had what she had dreamed. Then, poof, it was gone. She lost personal friends and co-workers that day. Many of them were crushed between the falling floors of Tower One. In total, she counts 22 in the number of friends who lost their lives. That alone gave me reason to keep reading.

She has spoken at some Women of Faith conferences and that gave me confidence that I would not have to weed out theological irregularities. When she comes to covering forgiveness, her pathway is correct and shows the courage it takes to forgive those who tried to destroy you when they never even knew you.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely.



  1. Sounds as if I need to read it. Thanks.

    • I must confess that once I filfilled my personal quota of bio and non fiction, I read three fiction books in three weeks! It was good for me though.

      • Fiction is my “take me away.” Nothing wrong with good fiction 🙂

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