The Swirl of Things

It takes so little to make a difference!

There are more than leaves swirling around us these days. The news is so full of ugly stuff: scandals, political chaos, sports figure failures, muckraking, can all make our heads spin and our hearts ache.

There used to be a little bi-weekly newspaper called the Grit that published only good news. It features stories that gave us the “warm fuzzy” feeling. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like that good, warm feeling of sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate and something crunchy to eat. Foodies call them “comfort foods.”

I have made a personal challenge to myself (who else can I made a personal challenge to?) that I will say or do something positive everyday that will give another person that warm, pleasant feeling. For now, that challenge is just for a week. It may go longer.

Just perhaps as lights in this world of darkness a warm, pleasant, fuzzy feeling will melt some despondent heart and turn then toward Jesus, the Light of the World.

Anyone else game?



  1. Excellent idea. I guess if we would all cultivate the “attitude of gratitude” we’d have more positive things to say in general. But our news media is really into filling us with “Ain’t it awful!” in various forms and it takes a serious effort not to be sucked into that mindset.

    • Christine, I thought last night how the “ain’t is awful” was taking over my own mind. Persecuted Believers being top on the list, so I thought, if only I could add some sparkle, a moment of fuzzies to anyone, a total stranger, how it might make someone’s day. Then it came to me that a good place to spread the challenge would be the weblog. Thank you for joining the adventure of making a sober face smile!

  2. Born and raised PA, knew the Grit well, brother made some dimes delivering the paper before Sunday School. Dad said that he read the German edition until WWII, when they ceased that edition. Only positive news, no delete necessary.
    Love, hugs and good memories… ME and the Boss

    • I looked for it recently but could not find it. One of my children had a Grit route about 30 years ago.

  3. Debbie Connors

    My great uncle worked for the Grit many years ago. Reading your post made me think of him and also how life was back in those days. It was published in Williamsport and didn’t realize until I was an adult just how popular the paper was in other areas. I like your idea…plan to give it a try!

    • I hope you find satisfaction in the trying to give (and likely get in return) so joy. Thank you for commenting about the “Grit” as it is always good to hear from other former readers. It was so wholesome.

  4. I remember that paper! Hadn’t thought of it in years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Karyl. And for the great idea. Something positive, on purpose, every single day. Yes.

    • By the way, I feel I should make formal introductions of some kind. Debbie Connors is one of my very dearest friends, and I’m so happy to see you, another of my dearest friends, have touched her heart 🙂

      • Thank you for the introduction. It is probably that she saw a comment I made on one of your posts, and came over to “meet” me. Small world, isn’t it?

      • Sure is!

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