Meet Coralynn

Two healthcare facilities welcome my visits each week. They are bright spots in my week. In each of those facilities residents receive 24/7 care. Although some of them go out regularly to shop at local stores, attend movies, and visit families, a majority of them do not have someone to take them to church. I take the Bible to them.

Among those residents are people who bring the Bible to me!

They are walking witness to the faithfulness of God. Just as we all hold different temperaments and personalities, they are the same. Some bring Christ to the study group in song; some in quiet affirmation, some with burdens, some in afflictions. They all have needs.

Enter now: Coralynn. She walks with the assistance of a walker that has a built in shelf on which she carries a Bible. A smile graces her countenance. Her hands have a healing, comforting touch as she pats shoulders along the way to finding herself a seat. Once seated, she looks at the handout sheet I have prepared for them and opens her Bible to the assigned passage. Out of a group of twelve on an average visit, only Coralynn and Gladys always remember to bring a Bible. Of them I can say, along with the support of Romans 8:16 that “the Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”

A week ago Coralynn pulled me aside and told me that she prays for me every day. No one can give me a greater gift. I know that since the loss of her last child, Thelma, told me that Coralynn comes to her room everyday and reads some verses to her and prays for her.

When I am in my 80’s and perhaps confined to 24/7 care, I want to be like Coralynn. Don’t you?


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  1. “You are becoming what you will be.”
    –Marlene Evans

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