Riding in the Van with Moses

The visits I make approximately every eight weeks, to the retina specialist are most interesting. I could drive myself to the doctor, but I could not drive myself home. For the first two hours or more I identify only shapes in the distance. I remedy this problem by making use of the local senior services van. In my many trips in the van service, I have never yet had the same driver, nor have I ridden with the same passengers. It must be God’s way of broadening my horizons and giving me opportunities to speak of the love of my life, Jesus.

The trip this week allowed me to ride with a fellow passenger who had long white hair that blended with a long white beard. He wore a skull cap to cover his balding head. Your immediate response might be Santa Claus. Well, he was not rotund enough for Santa. The cincher was that he walked with the aid of a walking stick. Now, this was not an ordinary walking stick that one might buy. It was not a short cane. It was a long, sturdy straight branch from which the bark had been peeled. It was a stick that I envision an Old Testament person might carry on the terrains of the Middle East. Moses might carry such a walking stick. The Bible describes it as a rod.

In my bemused mind, I called him “Moses” although he introduced himself as John. Well, maybe John the Baptist, my mind said. Because I am a civil person, I said, “Good morning John” but my mind said Moses.

I did not have the pleasure of his company on the trip home. Someone else had that pleasure. I did have the same driver, however, so I asked about John, er. . . Moses. My driver said that John looks more like Grizzly Adams to him. It’s all a matter of what we tend to think about throughout the day, isn’t it? Since I spend a portion of my day everyday with Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, Paul, John, and other numerous Bible characters, my mind leaped to Moses. Proverbs 13:20 says in part: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise. . .” and although I have no quibble with Grizzly Adams, I prefer Moses.

Yep, I rode in the van with Moses!



  1. Great story 🙂

    • Thank you. Next week the Senior Service is giving a ride to the doctor. I wonder who will be riding along!

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