Watching out for Others

Saturday a crew of family members descended on my yard with rakes and leaf blowers to take care of leaves and gutters. My work ethic told me I just had to get out there and help, and I had already accomplished more than half of my front yard by myself. While I am able, I am also slow and take breaks. These young grandboys seem to have so much stamina!

While the boys manned rakes and a leaf blower, their dad climbed on top of my roof to clean out the gutters. He left the 4-year old with us on the ground. She flitted about the yard “helping” and stopping to play in leaf piles. For being so young, she can keep on task and carried her share of tub loads of leaves to the curb. (On Monday, the city leaf vacuum will come and pick them up.)

I worked with the boys. All of a sudden I heard a booming voice from on top of the roof. “Kholton! your sister is too close to the street!” Well, there was a large row of leaves between her and the street, but her dad was being watchful even from afar. After that, I kept a closer eye on her myself.

In the scheme of life, there are times when God assigns us that task of watching out for someone else. We need to be sensitive to those assignments. It could be to take a meal to a neighbor who is a new mother. Could it be washing a car for someone? The assignment may include watching out for the spiritual welfare of someone in your community group? Is there someone at church who seems to look a bit discouraged?

Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself, your job, that you neglect the watchfulness for the behalf of others. Another blogger reminded me recently of the verse in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 which in part says: “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. . .”

Of course, I know that the Lord is watching us; sometimes, however, God wants us to watch with Him, and be his “boots on the ground.”


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  1. Love this one.

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