A Mouse Problem

For the past two months my computer mouse has had a behavior problem. It double clicks when all I want is one click. The double click takes me to places that sometimes puzzle me. This past Saturday the mouse began to drag and drop into adventurous places to the point where I thought I might just lose what little of my mind was left!

My son-in-love is an IT man for Hewlett-Packard and was aware of my miserable mouse problem. He was diligently searching for a price effective new mouse so he was not ignoring my problem. Saturday it was the proverbial straw the broke the camel’s back. I called. Gary searched his resources of discarded, unwanted, free stuff and found a mouse for me to use temporarily. Ah, relief. This is a wireless mouse and it behaves.

This morning when I was sitting in church it occurred to me that a congregation must have misbehaving members that act a whole lot like my old mouse. They go places they should not go. The open documents they were not directed to open. Sometimes they just flat out don’t work at all. Unlike me, who slammed the mouse down and called for help, my loving, longsuffering pastor faithfully preaches from the Word of God in hopes that some of those wandering hearts might be captured and rescued from sinful circumstances.

What a rowdy bunch of sheep a pastor has to shepherd. Sheep tend to wander off into unsafe places. Now, I can get another mouse and just lay the old one to rest in the trash. Pastors can’t do that. This leads me to think that I do not pray for my pastor nearly as effectively as I should. I must do better. My pastor is concerned about every single one of us and deserves our ardent prayer support.

Who knew that an unruly computer component held a spiritual lesson? No me, until I stood in the Good Shepherd’s Presence and allowed myself to think this issue through in spiritual terms. That’s why I named this site, The Shepherd’s Presence.

John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”


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