Merry Listing!

The lingering benefits of attending church cannot be overrated.

This morning I was refreshed and renewed in my church service. It is possible to have internal movement and stirring of my spirit in church. After all, that’s one of the reasons I attend church. The music was excellent from the choir, and robust from the congregation. We spoke encouraging words to one another and most of all; the real meaning of Christmas seeped through all the elements of worship.

On my seven-mile drive home, the message remained an inspiration. This afternoon it is still stirring around in my soul. You see, Pastor Felber approached a subject I’d already been thinking about so he deepened it further. In my circuit of devotional presentations during the week, I have been presenting devotionals on the people of Christmas. This morning, I am left thinking about the places of Christmas, and things of Christmas.

So, I challenge you to make three lists. List one could be the people of Christmas which would include Joseph, Mary, Elisabeth, Anna, and so forth. List two could be places of Christmas such as Nazareth, Bethlehem, the stable, the sheepfolds outside of Bethlehem, and so forth. The third list could be a list of things such as, the Star, the Manger, the decree, the dreams, and so forth. Just by making the list will put your mind in focus.

We all have Christmas lists for food, gifts, programs, and other assorted activities. Why not make a list that will hold us in focus on the real meaning of Christmas worship?

As for me, I plan to use my lists this week in the devotional challenges by playing a game of person, place or thing; a spinoff of the old game we play in the car (my favorite car game is “bird, beast, or fish”) The story I am telling this week is one from a category on this site: favorite stories. “What the Heart Knows” is about a donkey. You can search for it, read it, and perhaps use it yourself.

Merry Listing!


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