A Cup of Christmas Tea

This past week I heard about a dear, sweet aunt of mine. Aunt Esther is an aunt by marriage, sister to my father-in-law. This year she turned 100 years old. It has been two years since any news of her had passed my way so I began to ask around in the family and found that since age 98 her mind has been slipping. I’d so love to visit her and have a cup of tea!

Thoughts of that reminded me of this poem, “A Cup of Christmas Tea” and being a bit lazy today, decided to have someone read it to me instead of the other way around. Maybe you would like to hear it too. It is about six minutes in length. My local public library has the book for loan, so you may be able to find it in print that way, or visit your favorite online bookstore.

I have grandchildren visiting me this Christmas and I am very aware that to the teenagers, I might be a bit like the great aunt in the poem. It is my goal to have them leave thinking a bit differently.

Here’s the link to the poem. I hope it works. If not, just go to YouTube and type in the title of the poem. I liked the one by Pat Flemming best.


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