“. . . teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

Sunday is always a special day to me. Christmas is also a special day. Therefore, whenever we have Christmas, it always seems as if it should be Sunday. This morning I had to look at the calendar to be correct on what day of the week this is!

Schedules demand that we be cognizant of time. Yet, there is a freedom in not having a clock or calendar. There were two summers in my life when our little family did not have the financial freedom to afford a travel vacation. Instead the children and I went to a campground about twenty miles from our house and spent the week. My husband came and spent evenings with us and went back to work in the mornings. I purposefully did not take a clock with me. We ate when we were hungry, played in the lake and beach on the campground, and in general were guided by only sunrises and sunsets. That was way before the time of cell phones. Those two vacations stand out in my mind as being extremely enjoyable. By the way, that was tent camping; it was not a luxury RV. It doesn’t take much to entertain me!

Whatever it is we do with our time, it is of utmost importance that we use the time wisely. Make time to spend with God in the pages of His Word. Communicate with others in such a way that it is good for them, yet a pleasure. Work a little on a special project, and read at least a few pages of something to either educate or entertain.

Time is a precious gift. Happy New Year!


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