The Destination

The cold, wet weather has kept me indoors this weekend so in an effort to find something productive, I have been doing some PC cleaning. Here is something I first wrote in 1998 for an inspiration column in the local newpaper. Yes, it is still hanging out in my document file! Right now, however, I am moving it into theshepherdspresence folder. I changed the date to a more current one but the reflexion is the same. We live in changing times, but my God is an Unchanging God.

The Destination

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. . .” say the familiar lyrics of a winter song. and then goes on to assure that the “. . .fire is so delightful. . .” Frankly, I would rather stay by the fire, wouldn’t you? Sometimes, however, the fire is only a wish. The only way to a destination is through the inclement conditions.

So it was for me on my trip from Tennessee to Indiana to spend Christmas with my daughter and her family. The only way was through freezing rain and ice-slicked roads. I made some interesting observations along the way. First, I followed a truck for a long distance. He was sure to have a CB radio and would know what lay ahead. Alas, he took an exit ramp and I was forced to follow my own inclinations. It was then that I noticed the sky. The solid gray began to break up in places and I was sure that blue sky and sunshine had to be over the next incline. Finally just beyond Lexington the sun broke through and dry roads lay ahead.

So it is as we travel through a difficulty. Employment loss, illness, obstinate children, or broken relationships all have a likeness to the “frightful weather.” We must keep our eyes on the leader who knows the future. God knows what lies ahead and the Word of God is a sure roadmap. What we have committed to memory from the Bible will give us a sure sense of direction. The clouds will break away. The sun will shine again.

As we approach 2015, let’s watch the things around us and be quick to see the hand of God in everything. The year may lead through peril—in fact none of us is exempt from difficulty—but it helps to remember that the sun will shine again. It is a combination of frightful weather and delightful fires that makes our lives interesting. David prayed in Psalm 27:11 “teach me Thy ways, and lead me in a plain path. . .”


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  1. Classic Karyl 🙂

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