The Bag Lady

Here is another document that has been lying dormant in my document file since 2005. I first wrote it for an inspirational column in our local newspaper in Sevier County, TN.

See her, there in the shadows scuffing along with her big tote bag? She is collecting items of interest to her from the trash cans in the alley. Her hair is unkempt under the gaudy hat she loved so much she traded a pair of tennis shoes for it. The once lovely blue sweater is now stretched out of proportion, but it does provide some warmth for her thinning body. Her belly growls in hunger. She has not had a drink of water since she passed the city park four hours ago. Perhaps the bakery will have some burned bread this morning or the kind cook at the hamburger joint will give her a hot breakfast sandwich.

Do you feel sorry for her? Do you think that opportunities passed by her earlier and she failed to take them? Is she a failure? Who loves this little, thinning, ragged looking woman? You do. I know you do. You would wish to take her home, run a hot bath for her, and find some clean clothes for her while you open some soup and make a thickly piled sandwich for her. Your heart tells you that; yet, no one goes looking for her. Except for the grace of God, it could be you.

Should you have the opportunity to help her and not give her Jesus along with food, shelter, and clean clothing, the bag lady will go back to her old ways, and as Jesus predicted to the crowd who saw him cast out an evil spirit. Look at Luke 11:14—28. We can be made better, but still be empty. Unless the empty space is filled with correct desires, we remain empty and longing for better things.

But wait, I say, not so fast there my sister! Do not say with pride that you are better than the bag lady. Are you scrounging in the alleys of life looking to have your starving spirit appeased? You may even be unkempt in demeanor because the true state of your spirit is sad. Dear one, come to Jesus. Drink at His springs; be filled and refreshed; smile at the perplexities of life because your inner being is being restored day by day. Stay at His palace through the Book of Delights and wander no more in want. Jesus is waiting for you whether you are a new believer, or old one. Cast out the bag lady and be the princess God intended you to be.



  1. Outstanding. Really love this one.

    • Thank you Linda.
      I think I need to get back into that document file. I’ve had so many irons in the fire, the blog has fallen by the wayside temporarily.

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