My posts have been slow coming, but not because I have forgotten this place. God keeps speaking, I keep listening, but I do not always keep writing!

After seen days of unuttered grief, Job sits alone. Hearing of his great loss, Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar agree to mourn with Job. He is barely recognizable when they approach him Consolation seems to evade them and for seven days and nights they sit speechless with the suffering Job. I have found myself in that place of having nothing to say but to only be present when there is a great loss in a friend’s life. Presence matters.

Finally, after seven long days and nights, Job speaks. One at a time these loyal men try to find something to say that might help. Their words are feeble. By chapter 14 of Job, I find that Job now speaks in defense and some understanding and it is difficult to tell at this point if Job is responding to the friends, or is talking to God. You and I do the same thing. We walk around talking to ourselves and then launch into discussion with God. We say things such as “Why?” and “I don’t understand,” or “Please. . .”

In verse 5, Job acknowledges that it is God who created him and after that is when I cannot discern if he is talking to Zophar or to God. Verse 16 reveals a wonderful truth: someone is numbering his steps. Is it his friends who are watching him? If so, then he must guard those steps. Job knew that. Do we know that? Our example counts just as much as Job’s example counted.

Job did not have the Psalms at his disposal because he lived perhaps hundreds of years before David was born. We have the benefit of being able to turn to Psalm 37 and see in verse 23 that the “steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” God’s eye was upon Job, His eye was on David, and His eye is upon me.

It’s been nearly a year since I took a misstep and my tooth went right through my lip. In the aftermath I thought of those words about our steps. Job’s words made me think of them again this morning. The children’s song reminds us “Oh be careful little feet where you go. . .”

I hope you find joy walking with the Lord. Yesterday I heard someone on the radio say, “If only we would just live in God’s presence instead of always trying to impress Him.” Just walk with the Good Shepherd and be calm in His presence. Job so walked and sat in the presence of God that it is difficult to discern whether he was talking with Zophar, or with God. Oh that my communication with God were that sweet!


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