Customer service is a special commodity in 2015. With the electronic age closing all around us, our customer service is limited to selecting the correct number on an automated answering system. Last week I found a new high number selection on an automated dialing system. It went all the way to nine. Usually nine is reserved for those of us who now have written three possible choices for our problems and now must eliminate further by selecting “9” to repeat the menu options.

The sinker in all of the automation is that once we have entered a 15 digit number and reached another service line, they ask us to repeat the number, all 15 of them, and when an actual living person comes on the line, they ask for the number again! Why? I just gave it to you twice, I think. Since I now do not want this knowledgeable person to go away, I kindly give that long number once again.

A few days ago I stopped, pumped my own gas, and forgot to wash my windshield. I wondered as I drove away (not wanting to back up and annoy the person behind me in line) if any station in town is a “full-service” station? I would pay more for my gas if only someone would pump it for me, and wash my windshield. In fact, I might splurge and tell them to fill up the tank!

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to exchange an item in a department store if we did not have to play a game of twenty questions in order to do so—and then be rejected because the exchange day expired yesterday.

It is times like this that I am thankful I am just passing through this world; my home is in Heaven where everything is perfect. When I do as Jeremiah 33:3 commands, no option list appears. Imagine this: “If you are calling for financial assistance, press 1; if you are calling about illness, press 2; if you are calling in emergency, hang up and call 911. Simply call. “Call unto me and I will answer three and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”


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  1. With you all the way!

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