Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Jesus is in that Book

This is what I remember from an oral story recently told to me by a fellow citizen of Franklin, IN. It is a first hand, personal experience that dates back to the early 1940’s in Western Kentucky. Jim and his brother grew up in the Western Coal Field part of Kentucky. The family recovered from …


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Who is on the Lord’s Side?

Moses, although he had flaws, as we all do, is an outstanding Old Testament example of leadership. If I were writing this for mother’s day, I would be asking for applause for Jochabed. She is one mother of courage who implanted values into her very small child; those values lasted Moses a lifetime. Today, however, …

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An Oil change, Flashing lights, and Choices

Do you have one of those coffee K-Cup machines? They can be quite wonderful if you want your coffee fresh every cup. I guess. My frugal ways think that the fresh cup of coffee every time is not worth the price. That aside, I do have one of the simple machines that makes one cup …

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After Easter

Six decades have come and gone on the calendar of my life. Yet, this morning I experienced a first Easter that truly moved my heart in a powerful way. Frankly, I went to church expecting good music and warm fellowship with other believers. I came away different than when I came and that’s how it …

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