An Oil change, Flashing lights, and Choices

Do you have one of those coffee K-Cup machines? They can be quite wonderful if you want your coffee fresh every cup. I guess. My frugal ways think that the fresh cup of coffee every time is not worth the price. That aside, I do have one of the simple machines that makes one cup at a time. If you have read my weblog for very long you know—I like things simple.

Maybe simple people, like me, are lazy in mind. We don’t like to be confused by having to make multiple decisions when one or two steps are all that is needed to get the job done. Anyhow, today I drove to my favorite garage to get an oil change in my car. I was in luck. The lot was full of cars, but they took in my simple oil change job on the spot. While I waited, I took a seat in the waiting area and pulled out my e reader to pass the time. Usually they have a Mr. Coffee type pot of old coffee but oh, they have updated the coffee service to a super duper big daddy single cup coffee maker. I thought, to myself, “I know how to do this.” and stepped up to the big daddy coffee maker. Expertly I found a K-cup and inserted it. The water tank must self fill because it looked ready to go. I pulled the handle down to start the brew when all of a sudden three lights came on! Not one—no—three!

My faithful readers also know I have a vision problem when it comes to small print. I had no idea which light I needed to tap. Hmmm. I stood thinking, “Do I do enny-meeny?” See? So many decisions for such a simple grandma! Well, if the lights meant the brew, the middle would be a good choice. On the other hand, the lights might mean the fullness of the cup; of course, my frugal self does not want to waste anything! I thought perhaps I should choose before the lady at the desk might question me soon. I hit the far right light. It gave me a full cup, and it tasted fine. Whew!

On the way home I was still wondering what those lights meant. I know one thing for sure, I don’t have that much trouble making a spiritual decision because the Word of God is so embedded in my heart, the right choice just pops into selection. Sure, I am tempted from time to time, but if I listen carefully to my inner voice from God, I make the right choice. When the Psalmist wrote, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee,” that’s what he was talking about.

As a side note: My oil change today came to $5.18 because I am a regular customer. That’s what they said. Now, that was a big bonus! Better than the cup of coffee that my simple mind perplexed over, that’s for sure.


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  1. Wonderful story and application. Made me smile 🙂

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