Who is on the Lord’s Side?

Moses, although he had flaws, as we all do, is an outstanding Old Testament example of leadership. If I were writing this for mother’s day, I would be asking for applause for Jochabed. She is one mother of courage who implanted values into her very small child; those values lasted Moses a lifetime.

Today, however, lies heavily on my heart the now hundreds of Christian martyrs who have refused to deny Christ. The swords, fires, and hatchets do not cause them to flinch in the face of denying their faith in Christ. They are on the Lord’s side. Recently we marked a date one hundred years ago when Armenian Christians were methodically slain by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. The slaughter is senseless now as much as it was one hundred years ago. Evil is so burned into the Islamic heart that the conscience is dead.

Moses spent forty days on Mt. Sinai. God beckoned Moses to spend that special time with him and during that time he received the directions for the assembly and handling of the Tabernacle. Exodus 20-32 may seem dry and boring to those who do not understand the whole story that unfolds in the Bible’s entirety. Every detail and assembly of the Tabernacle holds significance in the worship that would hold God’s people to follow His heart and ways. During the time, the very finger of God etched into a piece of stone what we hold sacred still: the Ten Commandments.

When Moses heard the noise of the camp, he recognized the noise as one of wickedness rather than worship. Aaron, his own brother, allowed the wilderness followers to fashion a golden calf to worship. After dealing with the disobedience, I see Moses stand before that unruly, insensitive crowd and call out “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

With unspeakable wickedness that surrounds us, who among us is willing to stand up to the CINO’s among us and make that declaration? America is full of religiousity but has far too many Christians in Name Only. When the issues of Biblical stand come before them, they cave. They build a gold calf of economics.

Will you raise your hand and say, “Me! I am on the Lord’s side!”


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