An Empty Cup

Author Sarah Price, Waterfall Press, Grand Haven, MI, ©2015. 258 pages in length and estimated reading time is four hours.

Sarah Price authentically and masterfully writes Amish fiction. Price goes a step farther than most fiction writers because very often the antagonists in her plots are living within the protagonist. That technique gives Price an edge when it comes to inserting thoughts and truths on a scriptural level that does not preach or yell at the reader; she is able to make the reader internalize truth.

That said, I don’t really need to add much more to this book. Rosanna Zook has more than an adequate portion of abuse in her young marriage but endures it gracefully. A hidden guilt nags at her after her husband’s death that comes out later in the book to the reader’s surprise. There is an external antagonist in the book as well that poses turmoil to the whole family. Neighbor disputes are difficult for anyone and this dispute is even more unsettling between an Amish and non-Amish neighbor over trivial things such as dogs and property lines.

When I finished this book I felt a stirring in my own heart because the book had ministered to me without my knowing it. Although the book is not what I would call a “page turner” it kept my interest at a level of wanting to read in it every day until I was done. That is a good quality, in my opinion. If a reader is looking for romance that runs amuck or the stirring of inner feelings that borders lust, forget this book. It is a sweet story of companionship in a family that holds them together through both happy and sad times. It is also filled with how the Amish live and work which is an educational experience put within the pages of a pleasant, uplifting story.

I found the book via which I subscribe to on Facebook. This is neither the first nor the last book I will read by the author. If you have never read one of her books, give her a try. The books are usually very affordable in the Kindle® store.

Postscript: You have head from me many times in the past if you are a frequent reader that I like simple. This is a simple story without complicated intertwining plots that boggle the mind. Yes, I like simple.


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