Monthly Archives: July, 2015


Eva is a sweet, sweet lady that resides at one of our city’s local 24-hour care facilities.  I visit there every week and Eva is in attendance every week possible.  Once in a while she has a doctor’s appointment, but otherwise, she is present for the devotional time.  Her age is unknown to me; she …

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Counteraction: Flesh vs. Fruit of the Spirit

Today (July 19) I have had time to think.  No noise, no responsibility, and time to think carefully.  This morning I heard a sermon on “Aimless is not Blameless.”  When I turned to the passage for this week’s devotional challenge I give at three locations, I found the word, strife; so, by putting the thoughts …

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Rodney “Gipsy” Smith

March 31, 1860 was a day that years later became a happy day for thousands of people who would hear the voice of Rodney Smith. He was born in a gypsy wagon outside the village of Effing Forest, England. The unique life style of a gypsy often gave them a bad reputation because of the …

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