Counteraction: Flesh vs. Fruit of the Spirit

Today (July 19) I have had time to think.  No noise, no responsibility, and time to think carefully.  This morning I heard a sermon on “Aimless is not Blameless.”  When I turned to the passage for this week’s devotional challenge I give at three locations, I found the word, strife; so, by putting the thoughts together I kept pondering on the blameless walk described in Psalm 101.  Strife is certainly not part of that walk.  That took me to my personal Bible reading which was in Galatians 4-6.  See, it pays to have quietness of mind and heart to put these things together.  (Smile)

All of that set me to wondering about those lists in Galatians 5.  There is a list of the works of the flesh in verses 19-21 and there is a list of the fruits of the Spirit in verses 22-23.  First I hand wrote the list into my journal.  After that, I took a fruit of the Spirit that would counteract each of those works of the flesh.  Sure enough, there is something from the list of fruits that will absolve the flesh desires!

I made a chart but I can’t figure out how to present it on the blog site.  You will have to make your own.  I’ll be using it with my devotional/study groups this week.  Sin is as ageless as the Garden of Eden.  The groups I tend to are elderly and one would think quite mellow.  That is not so, however.  As I age, I sure hope that I do not get as feisty and unpredictable as some of those folks can get!  It does help to have the peace of God that comes with conversion and living a life of following the precepts of God’s Word.  My heart aches for those who have rejected Christ’s salvation and now their aged minds shut everything out.  As in most dispensations of time, there is always a remnant—a small group—of steadfast Believers and it those whom I seek to encourage each week.  They love to sing, listen to God’s Word, pray, and enjoy the inspirational story I bring each week.

Now, before you age any longer, make that check list.  It will help you see clearly when you need to combat the fleshly wants whether it be for envy, strife, or something as subtle as quiet troublemaking.  There is an answer.

Walking in the Shepherd’s Presence is not always an easy path, but He is there to hold fast to you in times of wavering.



  1. I love the concept of finding a fruit of the Spirit that applies to the lust of the flesh. I will be making my own chart–and maybe figuring out how to post it on my Bible study blog, since I’m in Galatians 4 right now 🙂

  2. I am NOT a computer person by any stretch of the imagination and did not have the patience to figure it out. I bet you will! I did have a chart for my study groups, but just couldn’t get it to behave on WP. The topic carried over to yesterday with my Wednesday group–someone brought it back up so it did make an impact. THAT was a good thing!

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