Eva is a sweet, sweet lady that resides at one of our city’s local 24-hour care facilities.  I visit there every week and Eva is in attendance every week possible.  Once in a while she has a doctor’s appointment, but otherwise, she is present for the devotional time.  Her age is unknown to me; she is probably in her early eighties.

Eva never married.  She was reared on a farm in the southern part of the county by a grandmother.  Whenever I mention the importance of daily Bible reading, she always interjects that her grandmother read the Bible every day.  She puts the sweet emphasis on everyday.  That sweet grandmother’s example is still having an impact on Eva.

Eva and I have something in common:  we both like sheep.  Her years on the farm in our county made her a keeper of sheep so we talk about sheep from time to time.  I love Eva.  She is now confined mostly to a wheelchair but she does use a walker in her room.  Her snow white hair is always carefully arranged and a smile adorns her wrinkled face.

Recently, when her medicines increased, she began having some digestive issues.  In spite of her long upbringing of being part of the “clean plate club” Eva has lost a considerable amount of weight.  She told me last week that she has lost 25 pounds and is down to 77 pounds now.  She gladly munched on some M & M’s that another person gave her during our time last Thursday.  “The nurses tell me I have to gain some weight,” she used as her excuse.  We all chuckled.

When it comes to her weight spiritually, Eva has lost nothing.  She is a delightful blessing to me and others.  When Eva speaks, we all listen.  She is kind and she has an unshakeable faith. She knows how to abide in the Shepherd’s Presence.  One day, when her work on this terra firma is complete, and mine is done too, Eva and I will bask in the Presence of our Good Shepherd and “talk sheep” for as long as we desire.  Did I mention to you that I love Eva?

I want to be like her.  Sweet, undemanding, unshakable faith.


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