The Rolling Stop

I live on a corner that has a four-way stop.  My mother used to sit where she could see the intersection and watch the cars pull up to the corner, and sort of roll through but never come to a complete stop.  It annoyed her to no end.  She declared that our corner was a money-maker for the city if the police would just sit back and catch the driving offenders.  Possibly.

This morning I saw something that actually alarmed me at the corner.  It was such a nice, pleasant morning that I opened the windows early.  As I did, I saw a school bus roll through the intersection.  Yes, I said, SCHOOL BUS.  Like my mom, I wanted to call the cops.  No school bus driver should bend the rules of good and certainly safe driving!

I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  As I mulled it over and over, a spiritual lesson formed.    Repentance is a peculiar thing.  Whether it is a deep, dark sinful habit that we are trying to reform, or something rather, well, respectable, all sin needs repentance.             I did a brief research on the words repent, repented, and repentance in the Bible.  In my King James Bible, I found the words used 101 times.  The most used Hebrew word means, “to sigh, to feel sorry” and the exclusive Greek word means to “think differently; to feel compunction.”

Rather than point my finger at anyone else, I pointed my finger at myself.  It did not take much soul searching to reveal some of those “roll through” sins.  If I keep shrugging my shoulders instead of thinking differently, nothing will change.


Oh, but I want it to change.

Time to repent.

Time to think differently.

Time to feel remorse over some of those seemingly “respectable” sins.

Robbery and murder are obvious sins.  People are imprisoned to give them time to reform, to repent, and repay society for their wrong doings.  But what about gossip?  What about gluttony? What about making an empty promise? What about a half truth?

Maybe you have some of those same struggles.  Let’s stop rolling through the intersections of life and stop short when sin lurks at the corner.  Stop.

Just come to a complete stop.  Then follow the rules:  stop, look, listen.

Victory over sin comes only stop sign after stop sign, after stop sign, after, well, you get the picture. Read Romans 6:11-14 for guidance. Together we can do this!


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