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The Book of Remembrance

We forget.  Students forget.  Politicians forget. Pastors forget.  God never forgets. In recent months we are learning more and more that computers don’t seem to forget either. (Just ask Mrs. Clinton.)  Do you write things on a slip of paper to take shopping?  Do you put a telephone number in the phones memory?  Sure we …


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Eisenhower: The White House Years

Random House Publishers, 2001, 464 pages by John Newton. Audio version(15 discs): Produced by Books on Tape and read by John Mayer Who am I to top a one sentence critique written by journalist Bob Woodard?  He wrote:  “A truly great book, spirited, balanced and not just the story of a President but of an …

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Honey Hamster

Honey is my second hamster.  He was so tiny when I purchased him on May 15, 2013; he was just a little baby guy and so sweet from the very beginning.  I named him Honey because he was the color of honey.  When he reached maturity, I also discovered he was of the teddy bear …

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Several months ago I finally gave in to downloading Google Chrome on my desktop computer.  At first I used it mainly for Facebook and WordPress.  The blog site, WordPress had all but dumped me because I still use Vista on my windows and it no longer supports the numerous upgrades of Internet Explorer.  Now, I …

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One of a Kind

When we own one of something, perhaps a family heirloom, it is precious. It is one of a kind to the owner.  There may be many more found in an antique shop, but this one belongs to you.  It is personal.  It has unique value.  “My mother made that. . .” I say with a …

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