One of a Kind

When we own one of something, perhaps a family heirloom, it is precious. It is one of a kind to the owner.  There may be many more found in an antique shop, but this one belongs to you.  It is personal.  It has unique value.  “My mother made that. . .” I say with a sort of pride.  The value goes up in possession because someone I loved and valued handmade that quilt, that pillow slip, that doily.

It is significant that the phrase, “thine only son” appears only in the account of Abraham and Isaac.  There is not one shred of evidence that Isaac was not important to Abraham.  He was the promised heir to the Abrahamic Covenant.  Only Isaac would inherit this new group of people called Hebrews.  Only Isaac would possess the physical land of Canaan.  Yet, God appointed to Abraham the task of offering “thine only son.”  Too often we fail to see the words of Abraham to his servants in verse five:  “. . . and come again to you.”  Abraham did not know how, but he knew that he and Isaac would walk back down that mountain trail with him.

What do you and I have that is a one of kind?  Are we willing in faith to hand it over to God’s work?  Today is a one-of-a-kind day.  When it is over, it will never come back to use again.  Is it a child who speaks about going to a far away country where the Gospel is not readily heard?  How can you let him go?  You must.  Is it a simple keepsake that would look great on a banquet table but you fear it could get chipped, or broken?  Take it; it does not have eternal value.

That’s what I took away from Genesis 22 this morning.  Just those two words, “. . .thine only. . .”


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