Several months ago I finally gave in to downloading Google Chrome on my desktop computer.  At first I used it mainly for Facebook and WordPress.  The blog site, WordPress had all but dumped me because I still use Vista on my windows and it no longer supports the numerous upgrades of Internet Explorer.  Now, I use both either search tool but am finding I use Chrome exclusively for Facebook.

You see, Chrome has this unique feature that MS word does not have.  It is the wonderful expansion of spell check.  Amazingly, Chrome’s spell check can unjumble the most mixed up and inverted letters imaginable and usually select the word I meant.  While it does not auto correct, that is fine with me.  Auto correct, unfortunately does not read my mind very well! On the very few times I post something on Facebook using a mobile device that thinks it knows what I am saying, usually gets it wrong.  The auto correct gizmo can even say embarrassing things!  Whoa!

In my day-to-day living, I face some jumbled times.  For someone, like me, who either writes or speaks several times a week, some horrid mistakes can emit disastrous results!  Only by the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit can I escape disaster.  Many are the time when I am closing the car door and walking through a parking lot to a speaking assignment my heart cries out, “Lord, I cannot possibly do this without you.”  Quietly the response is usually a verse of Scripture comes back with promise and courage.

I recall the chorus of submission that I once sang as part of my church youth group.  When we gathered in a rally or large group, usually gathered around a large fireplace, we would sing, “Without Him I can do nothing, without Him I’d surely fail, without Him I would be drifting, like a ship without a sail.  But with Him I can do all things, with Him victory is mine!  Without Him life would be hopeless, I’m the branch and He’s the Vine.”

Without Him, my life would be jumbled. Next time you close the door to your vehicle and head for a destination, please remember, “Without Him, you can do nothing. . .”  Nothing.



  1. I used that song in a post this week. You got it started in my head 🙂

  2. I know it caught in my head, and heart. Thanks for the help with the second verse.

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