The Book of Remembrance

We forget.  Students forget.  Politicians forget. Pastors forget.  God never forgets. In recent months we are learning more and more that computers don’t seem to forget either. (Just ask Mrs. Clinton.)  Do you write things on a slip of paper to take shopping?  Do you put a telephone number in the phones memory?  Sure we do.  At least, I do.

Malachi has in interesting verse in chapter 3, verse 16:  “Then they that feared the LORD, spoke often one to another and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him, for them that feared the LORD and that thought upon His name.”  Our faithful God has a book of remembrance.  Maybe 30 years ago that would have been mind boggling, but with today’s technology, it is far more feasible to know that God is aware of what we are doing and remembers it. Someday we will see the deeds recorded by God’s own hand.

Often time evangelists and preachers, and even parents, try to instill the fear of the Lord by reminding us that God sees everything; He knows when we cheat on test papers, income taxes, and read something less than honorable.  Let’s not forget that God also sees the good things we do.  God sees us when we give up our place in line to a young mother with a fussy baby.  He sees the time spent in heart-wrenching prayer; God sees the multiple loving things we do for our families even when it goes unnoticed by the family itself, God makes note of it. His eyes, II Chronicles 16:9 tells us, move to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are toward Him.  The Lord is standing by, waiting to help us do the next right thing so He can write it in the book of remembrance!

Be encouraged.  Next time you let someone in front of you in traffic, or buy the guy behind you a Coke, or leave a tract with your tip—it is remembered.  Those little things make a long list and on the Day of Judgment when our works do matter for our rewards, you might be pleasantly surprised.
When we walk in the Shepherd’s presence, it is easier to do the right thing and turn the credit to our Shepherd’s guidance.  The rewards we gather at the Judgment Seat of Christ are because of the Shepherd’s ever guiding eye.


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