“Since Yesterday”

Annie Johnson Flint is a poet I respect.  If you want more information on her you can find it on another post on this site by using The Red Sea Place in Your Life in the search bar


A few days ago I spied a touching piece of poetry written by her that I cannot find published anywhere.  You can find other surprising pieces on the Facebook page titled, Annie Johnson Flint.

For your convenience, here is the poem.  It was handed to the administrator of the Facebook page by the person who was daughter of Flint’s caretaker.  The occasion was at the funeral of the administrator’s mother.  How touching.  Sweet.  Appropriate.

Since Yesterday

by Annie Johnson Flint

Where has she gone since yesterday,

And left us lonely here?

Tonight she seems so far away

Who yester-eve was here,

No map of ours on sea or land,

In journeying may trace

We only know she’s reached her Home

And seen her Father’s face.

And, oh, she knows since Yesterday,

And she is learning fast;

The mists of earth have passed away,

The mysteries are past,

The sun of truth in radiance glows

All shadowless and bright;

Undimmed by any cloud of earth,

Undarkened by the night.

And she has grown since Yesterday,

And she’ll be growing still;

The bonds of time and sense and space

That irked the eager will

Were dropped like shackles for the soul

In that first upward flight

The weary body frets no more

The spirit free and light.

O dear familiar Yesterday

O sad and strange today!

Yet who would call the glad soul back

To rouse the resting clay?

Or who would wish that she might share

Our Morrow’s toil and strife,

Who loosed from Death and all its pain,

Has entered into life?


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  1. Wow. I like her poetry as well, never saw this before.

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