Mister Tipster and the Planned Escape

Had I given Mister Tipster a middle name, I know now it would be Houdini. Every day I see him stretch his little hamster body as long as possible in an attempt to get his paws to the top of the habitat in an effort to explore.  He sits on his chewable log and uses it to possibly reach the top.  Tonight he got to the top.  However, it was the wrong top!  I’d put him in another container while I cleaned his habitat.  It is about two inches shorter than the usual place.

While I was putting fresh bedding in his now clean cage I looked up to see him perched on top of the container.  Instead of gasping which may have caused him to jump, I casually reached over and picked him up and put him in his freshly cleaned place of safety.  Plan foiled.  Next time I’ll put the lid on the old file box container that has worked so well for Hank and Honey.  Lesson learned.

All of that openness is alluring to Mister Tipster.  That wide unexplored expanse looks so exciting, but it is a dangerous place for a curious rodent.  Electrical cords to chew, things to eat that will give a tummy ache if not worse, and hiding places that could smoother.  John told us in his epistle:  “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”  I love my little hamster buddy and I don’t want him out where danger is lurking.  I also don’t want to chase him down to capture him from possible harm!

Fortunately I saw him in time.  Perched on the lip of the container he was afraid to take the leap and I gently picked him up and put him in his safe place. Oh how many times God has spared me from heartache by blocking my way to danger.  I prefer being in the safety of God’s hands.  Mister Tipster is so much like Hank; I have a feeling that he and I are going to have many more adventures.  Probably, it will be more adventures than I want!

Since I am a human, I understand the need to love and trust my Heavenly Father.  Mister Tipster will never understand my good intentions for his safety.  That’s okay.  I love him anyhow.  For some reason, I wonder if God doesn’t feel that way about me from time to time.  He loves me anyway.


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