Election Day, Musings, Etc

Today the Municipal elections are taking place across my state.  Already the news media is predicting a low turnout.  As media goes, they may be wrong, they may be correct.  Media outlets are rather like weathermen, aren’t they?  At any rate, I will go and cast my ballot because I rather like our current sheriff and I want to keep him.  My council man is entirely another matter.  He is rather useless.  I contact him by phone, via e mail and the results are always—no reply.

Notice, the etc in the heading today.  I am thinking but not deeply today.  My body is struggling with a physical ailment and antibiotics are working but ever so slowly.  Why is that?  For so many things we reach for a pill bottle.  Ailments of community, ailments of church, ailments of the mind and emotions—we all want a quick fix.  That’s what the disciples wanted when they tried to cast out demons and were ineffective.  Jesus casually told them in simple terms:  “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”  Both Matthew and Mark cite this incident in Mathew 17:21 and Mark 9:29. Speed isn’t always the answer.  Wait. Prepare.

A quirk of aging seems to me that my typing skills are diminishing. My brain and my fingers no longer connect as they used to connect.  Letters are often reversed and added or left out.  It is exasperating since I once typed 60 or more wpm with accuracy.  I sit and watch my daughter play the piano with ease and think, I used to be able to do that. My eyes don’t even read the music anymore and anything I play is by memory alone.  I miss it.  What has replaced those skills?  Taking the slow route, calmness, no fast-paced goal setting.  It’s okay.

So, while there is no continuity to this piece, it does bring peace of mind to this writer. After all the years of frantic hurry, now I peacefully wait.  At least most of the time.  I really do want to feel better a little faster!  Leaves are falling, have fallen, and the weather is perfect for raking.  I’ll get to it, really, I will, sometime.

The grandsons will come to my rescue and they will clean the gutters.  Hear my deep sigh?  I’ve noticed that more too:  I sigh more than I used to.  Oh well.
P.S.  Grammar check had a conniption fit over my writing today.  Fragments, oh how grammar check knocks down readability because of fragments.  Today, I just don’t care!  Readability today is fifth grade.  At least everyone should understand it.


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