After the Battle

Joshua records the highs, lows, questions, and aftermath of battle in chapters 6-8.  Jericho had been an amazing battle.  The victory was unexplainable and some scholars still scratch their heads as to how it all went down—literally!  Jericho was a strong, thickly walled city.  God won the victory during a parade.  Outstanding!

Then came a little city named Ai.  It did not look difficult to take at all.  A mighty defeat devastated the soldiers that day.  Three things separated them from victory:  a little silver, a wonderfully made garment, and a wedge of gold.  Achan was overcome with the desire for things he had never owned and gathered them to himself even though Joshua had commanded his soldiers not to take of the things they found in Jericho.  His lust for things caused a blotch on the next place of battle.

The sin was revealed, Achan was dealt a terrible consequence, and once again Joshua approached Ai with a new battle plan.  This time Joshua sent ten times the number of warriors with an ambush plan, and Ai was left a smoldering heap of rubble.  What happened next is noteworthy.  Joshua gathered the people together, built an altar just as Moses had commanded, and they worshipped.  They returned to God the glory due His name.  Time was taken after the adrenalin slowed to listen to the law read before they moved on.

All of us fight different battles.  Some battles are with a strong-willed child, a drug addiction, gluttony, and on and on.  When we win a battle, do we stop and worship or do we do a happy dance and fail to give God His due worship?

After the battle, slow your heart and let the Words of God settle deeply into your being.  Give God the glory due His majestic name.


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