Mister Tipster, the Athlete

Of the three hamsters with which I have had acquaintance, Tipster is the most athletic.  He loves running on the hamster wheel so much that on one or two occasions, I have taken it away from him and told him to go to bed.  In the morning it is not unusual for the wheel to be in a different place in the habitat.  Recently I found Tipster sleeping beside the wheel instead of in his nest.

His nest is also unique.  He can move bedding into a heap so high that I have suspected that he may be planning an escape by giving himself some height from which to jump to the top and out to freedom.  Until this morning, I had never seen him mastering this architecture.  Tipster scoops the bedding out from under himself by suspending the back of his body in the air!  My other two hamsters were happy to line a ceramic cup or inside one of those twine houses made for hamsters.

Mister Tipster has provided visual entertainment, but he is still reluctant to allow himself to be picked up.  I have to coax him into a large soda cup to scoop him out of the habitat into a temporary dwelling so I can clean his dwelling.  Trust is slowly coming, however.
Someone smarter than I has calculated that an average hamster runs 17 miles on the hamster wheel per night.  Since Tipster is so aggressive, I think I can safely add five miles to his total running distance.  Oh that I would be that athletic!  I do well to walk a mile!  Whether we walk, run, dig, or clean house, exercise does profit some. The Apostle Paul writes to Timothy:  “For bodily exercise profiteth little:  but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and that which is to come.” (I Timothy 4:8)

To Tipster I say, “Run Tipster, run so you can keep in good physical condition.”  To myself I say, “Walk in physical steps to stay in condition, and read God’s Word to stay in spiritual condition.  Both are important.


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  1. I would love to have Mr. Tipster’s energy! Thank you for the smiles and for the reminder to get in God’s Word today.

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