Sing a Song-A-Day

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom:  teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual song, singing with grace in your hearts to the LORD.”  That verse is found in Colossians 3:16.

About the first of this month I decided to add a song to my quiet time with God.  I’d found a tattered songbook that was full of children’s songs and choruses used in the classrooms at Pensacola Christian Academy.  It was a castaway that I’d grabbed.  It is difficult for me to see music discarded regardless of how shabby the cover looks!

The songs have had a penetrating influence on me.  I just started at page one of the book and have sung one song per day.  Some of them I’d not sung in a very long time and some of them I’ve had to sight read to bring back the melody I once knew.

This morning I rose early because a lingering infection came back to the surface and would not let me sleep.  So, I read my Bible and did the routine quiet time things, then took out my songbook, now marked with a paperclip to save my place, and there is was, the song I needed most for my day.  It is evening and the song is still turning in my heart.  The song, composed and published in 1958, arranged by John W. Peterson, comes originally from a Singspiration© songbook is “He is Able.”

The lyrics are as follows:  He is able, He is able, I know He is able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.  He is able, He is able, I know He is able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.  He healed the brokenhearted, and set the captive free, He made the lame to walk again, and He caused the blind to see!  He is able, He is able, I know He is able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.

Now, I know some of you are singing it too.  You might want to add a song to your quiet time too.  It surely has blessed my heart to sing unto the Lord.  When a person sings alone, even though she may hear the harmony in the head, the spirit of worship just draws one closer to the God who has just spoken through His Word.  Try it!

If you are wondering, I am back on antibiotic and hope the infection is conquered on this round.  I am remembering that “He is Able.”


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  1. Just coming through my own battle with a nasty little infection. Thankful for antibiotics.

    I often use a hymnal as a devotional aid, have been doing so for years. And yes, I hear the harmonies in my head, too 🙂

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