Crossed Wires

Have you repeatedly begged God for deliverance from a particular habit but success never seems to arrive?  Perhaps this little real-life experience will shed some light on the issue.

Please keep in mind that in my younger days before gray hairs took over, I was blond.

For about a week now my electric blanket has been failing to warm my bed properly.  About a half hour before I crawl into bed, I turn the blanket to almost high in order to warm up the bed, then turn it down to almost low for the night.  The queen-sized blankets all have dual controls because; I suppose most people who sleep in a queen-sized bed have a partner.  I use one of my controls and on very cold nights only do I use both sides of the blanket controls.

When I changed the bed clothes, of course, I unhook the controls and once the bed is made up again, I rehook the controls.  Well, last week, somehow I crossed the wires to the controls.  My bed was not warming up, yet when I put my cold toes on the other side of the bed, it seemed nice and toasty.  Too tired to figure it out (until now) I just slept sort of catty-corner and once asleep the problem dissolved.

I decided one of the controls was not working and decided to switch the controls so the side I preferred would warm up.  That is when I made the discovery.  I tugged and tugged on the wire with no result, only to discover that the reason it seemed to not be working was because I had accidentally crossed the wires to the controls.

It occurred to me that often we beg God for release from a bad habit with no results and feel it is an exercise in futility because both controls need to be in action.  God truly wants to help us and in doing so, endowed us with the fruits of the spirit.  (Galatians 5:22-23) Only when I release my fruit of the spirit will I see results.  It takes God and my cooperation. I preacher would call that surrender.

You have heard it said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,”  I suppose.  God has given us peace, joy, faith, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, love, meekness, and self-control.  Our power source is God.  The power comes from Him.  It does not come from circumstances, family, friends, or even enemies.  Don’t cross the wires.

My blond moment confessed.





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  1. Our six-year-old Luke was playing around on my organ on Thanksgiving Day. The lower register, however, was silent. I pointed out the appropriate stops, which he pressed. Still no sound. “I guess it’s broken, Grandma.” Sigh.

    The next day I realized I had pointed out the upper register’s string ensemble, not the lower register stops.


    Sometimes we just miss the obvious, don’t we 🙂

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