Lego Land

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119:105

Lego® blocks have been around for a long time.  My son, who is now in his mid forties, had them as a child and still likes to build with them with his daughter.  This week I had a job as a merchandiser to work in the Lego section of a store and it was a big section.  When my son was young, the sets were houses, barns, construction equipment and airplanes.  Now there are unique sets for girls, Star Wars, Bionic, and innumerable city sets. That age range of difficulty goes to age 14.

All four of my grandsons who live close by have enjoyed building with the “bricks” (that is the official term used, I learned,) and the youngest by now has an accumulation that fills a storage tub—a big tub!  I’ve noticed something about his building.  He tends to like to create his own structures.  Sometimes when he shows me his accomplishment, honestly, the only thing I can utter is “that’s very creative” said with a bit of wariness, I am afraid.  It is better than asking, “What is it?”

After more than twenty years of marriage gone by, my son came to visit me a little over a year ago and generously rebuilt/remodeled my bathroom.  I offered him his old Lego blocks, oops, bricks, if he wanted them for memory.  He not only was happy to take them, but he was amazed that the tattered instruction guides were still with them.  Dave usually liked to follow the instructions.

Perhaps when we wander off into our own inventions instead of following the pattern set for us in God’s Word we end up with the same results as my grandson’s, umm, “creations.”  While God gives us liberty to follow our dreams, it is only when we stay within the parameters of His guidelines will we have a successful result.  Do I want God to say, “Well, that is . . . quite. . .something you have there.” or do I want to hear, “That is spectacular!  Well done!”

And that is where my mind went after working in Legoland this week.


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