The word is pronounced “hocked.” Yes, I researched the word.  For some reason I remembered a sermon in which the pastor gave attention to the military device that David used as recorded in II Samuel 8 and I Chronicles 18.  The word, houghed, means to hamstring or disable.  The procedure could have been as easy as tying together the hind legs of the horses on the picket line.  My love for animals wants to believe that David did not deliberately give a life-time disability to all of those horses by cutting the hamstring.

In addition, the King James translators added the word, horses.    The reconnaissance soldiers in David’s army could have also easily loosened the chariot wheels so that the slightest movement would disable the chariot.  My animal loving heart wants me to come to that conclusion.  With the exception of just two or three English translations or versions, the word houghed is rendered hamstrung.  Of the two or three others, the word is rendered “crippled.”  One, the Darby, set the word, horses, in brackets as an added word, and rendered that the chariots were crippled rather than the horses.  Darby and I seem to be standing in a very slim minority!

Ah, but here’s my point:  what stops me?  As I struggle against the world, the flesh, and the devil, a three-pronged enemy, what stops me?  What defeats me before I barely get started?  Knowing our weakness is often the starting point toward success.

So, at this beginning of a new year, before that resolution lists gets longer and longer, it may be wise to make a plan toward achieving that longed for goal.


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