A Sincere Apology

I neglected to read far enough down on the PDF of the story I published on my blog via a link today.  It was a “preview” and of course, it is for sale.

I truly don’t think any of my readers would copy it, reprint it, and put it out for sale but I also don’t want to break copyright laws.
The declamation is a cutting from the novella/short story that Ben Williams wrote back in the 20’s  so it is near expiration.

I did find the full length story on line once ant it is at least 3000 –5000 words in length.  My cutting is 1100 words. I do apologize.   It is such a good story!  It is truly a treasure to me now that I know I own a rare item.  It is available for sale on the link I provided.

I don’t want wordpress to be held accountable for publishing what I know is copyrighted.  Sad face.



  1. If it was published in the 1920s it’s not still under copyright. You can check with the US copyright laws, but back then a copyright was issued for 35 years and renewable once, at the writer’s option. One time I checked and it said something like, “For the most part, if a work was published before 1935(?) it’s now in the public domain.

    • Thank you for the advice. I have a feeling the the Wetmore Company owns the copyright for declamation use. I am considering rewriting it as a short story taking out direct copying, even avoiding plagiarism, but on the other hand, I may contact Dutton to see. Wetmore still sells the declamation for profit. Originally, I paid 50 cents for it, now it is 4.00. Thank you for your kind words.

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