Our power source.  That big battery in the car, the batteries in the flashlight, the little button batteries that make the watch run—they are all a power source.  This morning I went to my devotional group thinking that when I came back home I would need a little more heat.  It is damp outside which seems to make the cold more intense.  When I came home, I noticed the temperature had dropped even more.  Ah, the batteries that control my thermostat have lost all their power.

Fortunately, I had some AAA batteries on hand and now the furnace received a signal from the thermostat that vacation time is over!  It will take awhile but the house will get warmer and all is well.  The recharge is presently working on my Kindle and my cell phone is next in line. Even my bathroom scale is digital and runs on one of those button batteries.  Just think of all the devices you depend on that have batteries!

We all need a daily recharge too.  It is called the Word of God.  Even if you think that the Scripture didn’t have much in it for you today, the work of the Holy Spirit will bring to mind what you need later in the day or evening.  What we memorize of it will always be with us to render aid in times of distress or temptation.  It is a power source that never goes dead.



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