Squeaky (from my old story file)

In my opinion, this is a storyteller’s delight.  There are so many storytelling techniques upon which to utilize that the storyteller holds the audience captive.   I have Squeaky play on the steps, he goes up, up, up, and then D O W N using the voice to color.  And when he swings on the cups, I have the audience swaying back and forth!  Here it is:

Once there was a little mouse that lived in the basement of Mrs. Brown’s house.  His name was Squeaky.  Squeaky had a little cousin mouse whose name was Tweaky and they played together.  They would play tag in and around Mrs. Brown’s fruit jars, and hide-and-seek in and out of Mr. Brown’s galoshes.

One day it rained and Tweaky’s mother said, “”Tweaky, you can’t go over and play with Squeaky today because you might get your little feet wet running across the grass to the Brown’s house.”  Well, that made Squeaky a very lonesome mouse that day.  He ran around Mrs. Brown’s fruit jars all alone, and that was no fun.  He rain in and out of Mr. Brown’s galoshes, but that wasn’t any fun either.

Then he sat down to think.  As he thought, his eyes wandered until they came to the basement steps leading up to Mrs. Brown’s kitchen.  He remembered that his mother said, “Squeaky, don’t ever go up those basement steps.”   But mother wasn’t around right now, and well, maybe if he just went half way up and then right back down, it would be all right.

Squeaky looked about; no one was watching, he thought.  He ran up the steps, and arrested half way up, but you know after Squeaky had gone half way up, he wanted to go all the way up.  He thought, “I’ll go to the top of the steps, surely there is nothing wrong with that.”

Upon reaching the top step, he rested again and said, “I wonder why Mother did not want me to go up these steps?”  Then seeing the door was open just a crack, Squeaky poked his little nose through.  What do you think he saw?  The most beautiful red rug he had ever seen in all his life!  He looked about.  Mrs. Brown wasn’t in the kitchen just then. What was that small room with all the shiny objects hanging from hoops?  Little Squeaky scampered across the red rug and into the pantry to find out for himself.  He ran up the wall of the cupboard and there Squeaky ran in and out of Mrs.Brown’s nice shiny pots and pans.   Then he had more fun swinging back and forth, back and forth in Mrs. Brown’s cups which hung from little hooks.  Oh, Squeaky though, “I have never had so much fun!”

He became tired and sat down to rest.  What was that he smelled?  Why, it smelled just like cheese.  And we know that cheese is to mice what ice cream and candy are to boys and girls.  Mice love cheese! Then he saw it.  There was a nice big golden piece of cheese just full of holes on a big wooden platter.  Oh, Squeaky had never seen a platter like that before, but he knew the cheese.  He came over to the cheese to take one good whiff of it, and then, you know how your dog gets so excited when you come home from school, the he runs around and around you?  Well, Squeaky became so excited thinking, “All this cheese to myself!” that he ran around and around the trap and just then—the trap went off and caught Squeaky by the tail. He squealed and squealed and pulled and pulled but the more he pulled, the more it hurt. Trapped mice have as much feeling in their tails as we have in our arms and legs.  Mrs. Brown heard him squealing and hurried in to the pantry. As Mrs. Brown was just reaching out for Squeaky, suddenly he gave a big jerk, and got part of his tail out of the trap just in time.  Oh, it hurt, but Squeaky didn’t have time to think about that.  He ran down the wall across the red rug in the kitchen, squeezed through the crack in the doorway, and hurried down the basement steps just as fast as his little legs could carry him.  It was ten minutes before Squeaky could answer his mother’s questions and tell what had happened.  Squeaky learned his lesson.  Obey your mother without question.


My note:

The original story has an application tacked on to the ending, but I don’t like to do that.  I either incorporate something in the introduction, or just let the story itself teach the lesson.  A good memory verse to use before the story is I Corinthians 10:13 “There hath no temptations taken you but such as is common to man:  but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”  KJV



  1. I’m loving these wonderful old stories, have told many of them over the years.

    • That’s because probably you, like me, purchased the story file from Mrs. Reed while our husbands were at Central. Some of those old mimeographed stories are fading and are marked up. I am slowly putting them into my document file and distributing them to other storytellers. 🙂

      • Yes, I did get mine that way 🙂 I’d actually forgotten! I gave most of mine away when I knew I wasn’t going to be doing much children’s work any more. Have no idea where they all are now.

      • I gave many of my visualized stories from that file to my daughter who left them in Burkina Faso. I hope someone is using them still! She knew that I had duplicates of most of the stories because I bought two sets. 🙂

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