Solomon’s Temple and . . . Me!

If you think I am comparing myself to the splendor of that luxurious, opulent building, you would be wrong.  Neither am I contrasting my weaknesses, shabbiness to the Temple.  It is a phrase that caught my attention yesterday.  In Second Chronicles 2, Solomon sets out to build this majestic building to house the Ark of the Covenant and items that the Tabernacle had held.

In correspondence to the King of Tyre, Solomon requests not only wood for the building, but also artisans who could do wonderfully molded and carved works of gold and silver.  “Send me. . .” he says in verse 7 and again in verse 8. King Huram replies in return by verse 13, “I have sent. . .”  On most days when I was reading through this passage and chapters on the building of the temple I would not have paid attention to those words.  I may have wondered why there were no Israelites who could do such artistry and moved along in the reading.
Yesterday, however, was different.  Once solidly into my day, I had a job as a vendor to replace metal brackets on the back of a merchandising fixture.  I knew the fixture would have to be unloaded, taken off the present bent brackets, and then replaced.  I am not mechanically minded.  I showed the project to a grandson who explained how the project would work and he assured me that I could do it, but if I had questions, to call him.  I was so uncertain.  After reading those verses, I knew what I had to do:  ask God to send someone to help me.  So, I did just that.

When I arrived at the store, the department manager was on the floor.  That hardly ever happens.  I told her who I was and my project.  She said, “I can help you, that is a heavy fixture.”  Wow!  Once we got the fixture down, she went back to her work and I tentatively replaced the brackets.  She checked back with me just about the time we needed to hoist the brackets back into place.  “Send me. . .” I asked.  “I have sent. . .” God replied.

My Good Shepherd was there all along.


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  1. Great story!

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