Will the Real Evangelical Please Stand Up?

The word, evangelical, is an adjective.  It describes a person who identifies himself with the cause of Christ in the form of being an evangelist, thus, is a follower of Christ.  Earmarks of a follower of Christ are laid out for us in the Apostle’s Creed.  A true evangelical holds to the inerrancy of Scripture, the substitutionary price Christ paid for people by His death on the cross, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the church as the assembly of Believers or other followers of Christ, and the second coming of Christ first in the air, and then at the culmination of this world as it is known in exchange for the Kingdom of Christ when He will reign and rule over the entire earth from Jerusalem for a thousand years. Included in beliefs are also the authority of Scripture, the deity, incarnation, and virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Evangelicals expect a bodily resurrection themselves and because of regeneration through the Holy Spirit, to live into eternity in a heavenly place God has created for His own children.  The opposite place is Hell, a place of eternal torment for those who reject Christ and refuse to place their sole trust in the finished work of Calvary for their eternal redemption.


On the other hand, a term is now slung around in the media outreaches of another evangelical.  Rather than to correctly define these two separate groups, they are lumped together.  About fifty years ago a term came into being called neo evangelicalism or new evangelicalism.  This new group formed as a branch of tolerant evangelicals.  They did not deem it necessary to adhere to all of the tenants of the Apostle’s Creed.  Inerrancy of Scripture became less important to them.  Some of them boldly felt and voiced that not all of Scripture was Holy Spirit inspired.  Separation from worldly practice was the first step away.  This group slid away with disdain for Paul’s admonition to “come out from among them and be ye separate. . .” (II Corinthians 6:17) which was rooted in Exodus 33:16.  God has always wanted His people to be separated unto Himself.  Evangelicals should be a light, a beacon of hope, to those in search of Truth in this unstable world.  God never intended for us to be weird, but He does intend for us to be an obvious light and testimony for Truth. Instead, the new evangelical wanted to fit into the world.  The rationale was to take the message of hope to those who really didn’t see the need to change.  In an effort to do that, the new evangelical slid further and further away from Biblical, foundational living until now, they seldom pick up a search for Truth in the pages of God’s Word.  Now they live like the ones they originally intended to reach with a message of hope.  Their hopes are no longer pinned on the foundation of the Word of God.
The high standards of the Word of God were weakened by shallow music, and shoddy living.  Tolerance reached so far that it went beyond mediocre into acceptance of even homosexuality, promiscuous recreational sex, and accepts divorce without question.  They have few standards for life because they no longer attend church or read the Word of God with any regularity.  They choose the mega church pulpits of other new evangelicals without standards.


Regretfully, they also vote recklessly.  It is not the evangelical vote that the candidate who has been married three times, brags about infidelity, runs gambling dens for his own profit, and his places of entertainment include strip clubs.  No conservative evangelical would do that.  So, don’t believe the news outlets who say that the candidate just described above is getting the evangelical vote.  He is getting the self-described evangelical who doesn’t adhere to evangelicalism at all.  It is the NEW evangelical without a doubt.  They have no anchor for truth and do not care about abortion, homosexuality, or morals in general.


I hope I have made myself clear.

The remedy for this election is too late.  If the evangelical church does not reach out to these lost or at best faltering, people, our country will sink lower and lower into the depraved place where Satan installs himself as victor. Rise up, fellow Believers, and get to work.




  1. I think much of the Church’s identity is political and cultural rather than spiritual. We can be change agents insofar we introduce people to both the grace and truth of Christ. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for laying out these truths to inform those who are wondering about why this is happening. I hope that many will be led to understand what is happening these days. We also need to consider that Jesus has warned us that in the end days, the hearts of the people will grow cold. No one knows — but this could be a sign leading to the end days.

    We can only rejoice that God is always in full control.


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