Hamster Habits

As some of my regular readers know, I have a hamster.  He is a sweet little guy named Mr. Tipster.  I should have named him “Baby” because he responds to that title as well and more often than Mr. Tipster.  I’ve had him since April.  He follows Hank, who had many adventures before his demise to wet tail.  Honey followed Hank.  Honey was a timid little guy and defended himself with a sharp bite so I handled him with care.  He succumbed to a cancerous growth on his hind leg and it was a sad day when he passed out of my life.  Hamsters don’t have a long life span, so it is wise not to get too attached.  In that respect:  I admit, I am not wise.

Of my three hamsters, Mr. Tipster is the most predictable. (He also has a visible tail which is not connected in any way to this story.)  He always sleeps in the same corner and I cannot change the furniture in his habitat.  No.  He will work and work until he gets it back to where it is supposed to be in his little brain.  He uses the potty in the same corner without variance.  If I adjust the height of his water bottle, he lets me know by making a horrible racket trying to get it just right again.  I can just sit and watch him trying to find him out of his character, but to no avail.

Someone, I don’t recall whom, suggested that to form a habit one must repeat the action seventeen times before it becomes ingrained into one’s life.  My husband tried it by determining to make flossing his teeth a habit.  It worked.   There are habits of self control that seem to take longer than the magic number of 17 in my opinion.  Most of the habits involve spiritual strengthening.  Bible reading, for instance, seems to take more than 17 consecutive days.  Satan must be watching on that one.  Sharing the gospel message of salvation does not become a habit for most Christians because that also takes courage.  I wonder.  Since I have no substantial facts, let me know.  What do you think?  How have you conquered a consistency in spiritual areas?



  1. I think there is a reason why many Bible verses encourage us to persevere and be faithful. The biggest encouragement is to know the reality of our Savior and the awesome things He did for us in His life, suffering, death, and resurrection.

    And yet, all of this makes me think of Revelation 2:1-7. The Ephesian church was commended for their perseverance — but admonished about having lost their first love. Sometimes we seem to get lost in the maze of life’s challenges. So, many verses tell us to remember. And then 1 John 4:19 tells us that we love because He first loved us. Love is the key. We can’t lose the key. Life gets frustrating when we lose things.

  2. For me, spiritual consistency has come with determining to get back on track when I get sidetracked. It’s ongoing. I’ve done better as the years roll by, and I hope that will continue to be the case. Satan’s efforts to derail me never seem to let up.

    • It is our defense against the perils Satan puts in our way for sure. Thank you for commenting. It takes a stubbornness on my part to keep up Bible reading, memorization is even more difficult. Derail is an excellent term.

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