After spending nearly two years going chapter by chapter mining nuggets of truth for my devotional groups in the book of Proverbs, I ventured into Ecclesiastes.  I’ve engaged in Bible study groups for many years but never tackled this book.  It is so forlorn. Reading through the book is enough, I always thought.  I really wanted to move to the New Testament.  The soft voice of the Holy Spirit led me into this venture.  My kicking, hollering, and reasoning were to no avail.

A few posts ago I wrote about King Solomon as a result of this study.  He came to the end of his life feeling empty.  Although he had a shallow relationship with God, Solomon leaned toward the pleasure of this world.  The result is emptiness. I feel as if I am mining for gold in a coal mine.  But, every now and then a striking truth pops up—as it did this week in Chapter Four.

“Two are better than one” Solomon observes.  If they fall down, they can pick each other up.  I smiled as I put on my study handout a picture of a person with a Life Alert® button.  It was the perfect picture of help on the way.  Someday, I suppose, I will have one of those gizmos myself.  A physical fall is difficult.  Fear sets in immediately.  I know.  I had such a fall last summer out in my flower bed.  Cell phones are also good to call for help.

What about the other kinds of help we need?  Better yet, what about the other kinds of help we can give.  Since I attend events or just go for the fun of it, the local Senor Center, I usually go for two reasons.  First, I go out of curiosity to see who’s there and if I can get some conversation, a cup of coffee; and second, I go with the goal in mind of lifting someone’s spirits.  Storytelling and a simple lighthearted story can set a heart at ease.  Taking a hand and praying with a person is certainly worthy.

Staying at home, alone, can get dull.  I get tired of my own company.  Two are better than one, yes, it is.  Lift someone today whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually.  Then, when you need the lift, guess what?  Someone will lift you too.




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