After Easter

Jesus made several appearances during the forty days He was on earth after the resurrection. This week I used some of these post resurrection events in the weekly devotional I deliver to groups.  I always taught similar lessons to my Children’s Church groups in all the years I taught them.  So many teachers fail to follow through on these post resurrection events.

During those forty days Jesus spent clarifying his purpose of coming to be the payment for man’s sins and He also clarified that He indeed is the Son of God and no ordinary man.  With his resurrection body he came and went at will without the use of doors.  He left in an instant as well.  When the two disciples in Emmaus invited Jesus (not recognizing Him) to “Abide with us” (Luke 24:29) they recognized Jesus only when he broke the bread.  It seems to me that they must have been part of either the feeding of the five thousand, or the four thousand.  Why didn’t they recognize Jesus as He walked with them along on the road to their home?  Their hearts were clouded with dismay and disappointment.  The tomb was empty but they didn’t know where Jesus had disappeared.  Frankly, they were not looking for Jesus so they didn’t recognize Him.

How many times have I, you, we, failed to recognize the hand of God because we were not looking for the hand of God?  We tend to look in the wrong places.  We read tons of self-help books, entertain psychology, investigate circumstances, and all the while the Word of God sits idly on a shelf.  The answers are there, but we have to read it.  It is good to hear it from a pulpit, from a radio broadcast, or a television production, but to really know what God is doing; we must read the Word of God.

Until I came to know Christ as my personal Savior, I looked at the Bible as just another book.  It is not just another book.  Once I came to Christ in surrender to His plans, the book became to me what His Word says, “quick, and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword . . . and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)  Quick, bears the connotation of alive.  The Bible is not just any book.  It is the living Words of God for our direction in life.  In those pages, we can know Christ which is the theme of last week’s devotional, “This Easter.”  Know Jesus.



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