Picnic or Poison?

Each spring one of the signs that the warm up is becoming consistent is the appearance of ants in my kitchen.  Needless to say, they are frustrating.  I have absolutely no objection to the ant as long as the ant stays outside.  The Bible tells us to observe the ant, in fact.  We are supposed to consider his ways.

I see them around the sink and I suppose they are thirsty.  While there is plenty of water outside in the grass each morning, they seem to find something appealing around my sink.  The smallest droplet of water is a spring of refreshment to them.

Yesterday I put out some ant poison.  It is little sticky droplets of clear substance that appears to be water.  It is a cruel deception.  My soft heart really did feel sorry for them as they parked along the little drinking places imbibing to their delight.

So, “consider the ant” and be aware.  Not everything that looks like a picnic is a picnic.  It may well poison you instead.  “Flee youthful lusts,” the apostle Paul warns Timothy.  Regretfully, even we oldsters are sometimes attracted to youthful lusts too.  Stop, consider the ant, and ask, “Is it a picnic or poison?”


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