Nearing Home (a book review)

Nearing Home is written by Dr. Billy Graham, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN Copyright 2011.

Graham wrote this book when he was 92 years old.  The subject, appropriately so, is on aging.  It is practical and easy to read.  The outline is sensible and easy to follow.  In my opinion, Graham, as usual, writes for the common person who seeks to gain not only information, but also inspiration.  Remarkably, I would guess that approximately one-third of the book is quoted Scripture.  Every point the writer makes is lavishly supported by Biblical position.  At the same time, it is vastly practical.

Honestly, if one has ever heard Dr. Graham preach, the reader can easily hear the voice of the writer.  Yet, the writing is not a grating or grinding sermon.  It is conversational in nature. I venture to say, the plain plan of God’s salvation for mankind is laid out in at least three places and it is not easy to miss!   Every page of the 192 pages is inspirational, yet practical information for those who are entering the “golden years” which most people over sixty years old discover is not so golden after all.

If you are planning for retirement, in your forties, or fifties, I highly recommend this book for your planning steps not only for finances, but for assessing your family legacy.  If you are over sixty, it is not too late to make use of the days ahead by reading this conversation with a great man of faith.


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